Ukulele for Dummies

原定9月18日到港的 Ukulele for Dummies,居然昨天到送了,本周 UkeJam Party 的幸運同學可以不用等,立刻有書睇啦!(注:其中一本運送時封面皺了少少,祝你好運。)

Part 1: Ukulele Basics. Chapter 1: Why Play the Ukulele? Chapter 2: Ukulexicon. Chapter 3: Getting in Tune. Chapter 4: Before You Play a Note.

Part 2: Chords and Strumming. Chapter 5: First Ukulele Chords. Chapter 6: Strumming Patterns. Chapter 7: More Chords.

Part 3: Picking and Single Note Playing. Chapter 8: Going Solo. Chapter 9: Fingerpicking Patterns. Chapter 10: Combining Chords and Melodies. Chapter 11: Soloing Techniques.

Part 4: Style Files. Chapter 12: Rock and Punk. Chapter 13: Blues. Chapter 14: Hawaiian. Chapter 15: Standards. Chapter 16: Reggae and Jawaiian. Chapter 17: Classical.

Part 5: Buying and Looking After Your Ukulele. Chapter 18: Buying a Ukulele. Chapter 19: Ukulele Accessories. Chapter 20: Re-Sringing and Repairing.

Part 6: The Part of Tens. Chapter 21: Ten Ukulele Players You Should Know. Chapter 22: Ten Ways to Get Involved in the Ukulele Scene. Chapter 22: Ten Tips for Improving.

Appendices. Appendix A: Chord Charts. Appendix B: Reading Music. Appendix C: Using the CD.

有興趣認識此書更多的朋友,可參考: (ukulelehunt網站的書評)

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