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小小心得 – Jake Shimabukuro


1. Change your strings at least once every 2 months. 最少每兩個月換一次弦線(這個有點難...)

2. File the finger nails of your strumming hand and use a buffer to really make them smooth. You’ll get a better tone when you pick and strum! 磨靚磨滑右手的指甲,能使你撥/掃出更美的音色。

3. Keep the nails on your other hand really short. It’ll be easier to hold your chords. 左手指甲盡量短,能使你更輕鬆地按和弦。

4. Practice playing really soft/quite and be very gentle with the strings. This will help you with your control and dynamics. 多練溫柔地輕巧的彈法,能助你控制樂曲的「勢」。

5. Work on one hand at a time. For example, if you’re learning a new chord progression, practice holding the chords first without strumming. Then once you get that down, then add the other hand. 每次只練一隻手。例:學新和弦時,先練左手按弦的位置,不要掃弦;掌握後才加進右手掃弦。

6. Play songs that make you happy! That way you’ll always be inspired to practice! 選能令自已開心的樂曲彈奏,能使練習時啟發出更多靈感。

7. Make sure to take breaks during your practice sessions! Don’t practice for more than an hour without taking a 10 minute break. Your muscles need time to rest. Also, if your fingers get too tired and you can’t concentrate, you’ll start developing bad habits. 練習時要安排小休,如練習1小時就要給肌肉休息10分鐘,手指太疲倦 / 無法集中精神的練習對你有害無益。

8. Don’t get frustrated. If you start feeling discouraged or angry because you can’t play a song, just take a break and rest for a while. Remember, playing your instrument should be fun and relaxing. 如練習時遇上樽頸位,不要灰心和發怒,先休息一下。切記!ukulele帶給你的應該是輕鬆和歡樂。

9. If you’re really having a difficult time learning a song, just break it down to the basics. Work on short segments. Just practice one measure over and over. Then add the second measure. Then later add the third. Keep going until you’ve got the whole song down. 遇上難度高的樂曲,可拆散來練習,先完成一個小節,之後才加上另一個,如意類推,直至完成整首歌。

10. Try to practice everyday. Even if you only have five minutes. As your finger muscles develop, you’ll find yourself learning a lot quicker. 養成每天練習的習慣,5分鐘也好,這樣可使肌肉得以發展,有助往後的學習事半功倍。

Have fun and enjoy! Ganbatte!!! 祝樂在其中,加油!


More tips for playing the ukulele 更多的心得

1. When strumming, position your right hand so that your finger makes contact with the strings between the 12th and 14th fret. 掃弦時掃在12 – 14琴格之間

2. Always wipe your ukulele down after long practice sessions…especially the neck of the instrument. 長時間練習後要擦淨你的ukulele,特別是琴頸的部份

3. Listen carefully to every note/sound that you make. 留心地聽自已彈出的每一粒聲音

4. Practice everything really slow. 認真以慢的速度去練習每一樣東西。

5. Play songs that make you feel good/happy!!

    彈令你感覺良好 / 快樂的歌

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